Info Design: Macromedia

Info Design: Macromedia

A sample of slide presentations I’ve designed for classes I teach, and a look at how they were developed.

I teach workshops in a variety of design media. At Macromedia, I’ve taught several courses including Online Media and Video Production. My minimal approach to slides (simple diagrams, few words) allows for easier communication of complex concepts through symbols and verbal discussion.

Example 1: Interactive Media Projects

Teaching - Interactive Media

An assessment outline, as originally communicated by the school, can sometimes confuse the students. So I design a visual walk-through, which can act as the compass for each class throughout the course:

Teaching Interactive Media

Example 2: Online Media Projects

Sometimes, the original slide presentation looks more like this…

Teaching Online Media

… which I then redesign to create a slide presentation that looks like this:

Teaching Online Media

Example 3: Webcasting

Often, materials provided to teachers, such as slides and student project outlines, are visually impenetrable – or simply not visual at all. This makes the already challenging task of engaging students, much less educating them, that much more difficult. I usually redesign the teaching materials, and then convert them into slide presentations which I then present to students.

Teaching - Webcasting

Example 4: Intro to WordPress

Teaching WordPress