I offer lessons in design software, for individuals and small groups, in the Berlin area. You can get in touch with me via the contact form below.


Photoshop Learn the basics of digital image editing, including: outputting images for print and screen; basic workflow; basic digital image manipulation; adjustment layers; basic photo retouching tools.
Illustrator Learn how to generate vector graphics and manage type and images for single-page layouts. We cover: introduction to the pen tool; working with type; working with closed paths with transform / align / pathfinder.
InDesign Learn creation, management and pre-press of multiple-page documents. We cover how to: set up documents; export PDFs; package for print; utilise master pages; import images; work with basic type (character and paragraph pallettes); work with advanced type (paragraph styles, characters styles, swatches).
After Effects Learn the basics of motion graphics and visual effects, or simply how to give your videos that extra special finish. We cover: the five fundamental transformations; basic motion; nesting; repetition; masking; workflow; import and export.
Premiere Pro An introduction to video post-production. Ideal for beginners, we cover: editing basics; transitions; workflow; importing and exporting videos for web or broadcast.
Ableton Live A starter’s guide to electronic music production with Ableton. Ideal for beginners, we explore the basics of working with midi and samples, from session to arrangement view.
WordPress Learn how to work with the basic WordPress software, including: posts & pages; categories & tags; media; themes; plugins; troubleshooting.

About the Teacher

Since 2003, I’ve taught subjects including Audiovisual Media, Video Post-Production, Interactive & Online Media, Typography, Print Design, Motion Graphics, and Sequence & Narrative. I currently teach at Macromedia MHMK (Berlin and Hamburg) and Leuphana University (Hamburg). Previously, I’ve taught in the Visual Communication degree of the University of Technology Sydney (of which I’m also a graduate, with first class honours), and at institutions such as TAFE NSWArtConnect BerlinSuperMarkt and überlin.

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