I can create the look and sound you want – or I can teach you to create the look and sound you want.

My Background

Throughout my years as a professional musician (recording, releasing and touring internationally, producing and DJing), I’ve also practiced and taught video production – both as a one-man production house, and as part of larger creative teams, I’ve learned to be versatile, adaptable, resourceful, and a multimedia problem-solver.

How I Can Help You

My video and music skills and experience, combined with the fact that I’ve been teaching as long as I’ve been working, means I’m uniquely equipped to support you in realising your audiovisual ideas.

Making Video & Music

My one-minute video showreel contains work across a range of roles: director, camera, editor, motion graphics, storyboarding, photography and music.

Contact Me

For video work or design educator services:
Raysumé CV
ray . wassef [at] gmail . com