Video: Bleeding

An audience-collaboration music video, featuring hand-drawn responses to the question: “What’s one thing you’re saying ‘Goodbye’ to?”

Directed, shot, edited and coloured by Ray Wassef
Production assistant: Cinnamon Nippard
Performer: Michael Leyton

A music video made for The Ray Mann Three as part of The Sketches Project. Starring my flatmate, I shot, edited and composited this video in my Berlin apartment over my first Orphans’ Xmas week – so food and reflection were on the brain.


For this surrealist divorce song, I took visual inspiration from Magritte. But how might one of his Lovers look when they had fallen out of love? And without eachother, what might they turn to instead?

My process involved collaborating with the audience via video updates:

1. Call To Action – featuring my initial voice memo / audio sketch:

2. The Music Video Teaser – featuring the audience’s first responses:

3. The Final Music Video:

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