Video: Crate Adventure

Motion Design promo for a sound pack of hip hop samples and breaks.

Crate Adventures Remix by DJ Nu-Mark
Video by Ray Wassef
Music by Malva-Luma Brage
Produced by Malva-Luma Brage


Inspired by the sound pack’s artwork, i imagined its content as the types of records which might have been sampled, and the viewer as the crate digger flipping through these “records” or features, which pay homage to classic Blue Note Records album artwork:

For the monotone look of the various album covers, the video sticks to the colours used in the sound pack’s artwork…

… and at certain points, plays with masking and cropping to emphasise details, such as the specific pieces of the drum kit:

The video’s square aspect ratio works well for certain platforms:

‘Crate Adventures Remix by DJ Nu-Mark’ promo video on Twitter

Final Video

‘Crate Adventures Remix by DJ Nu-Mark’ promo video on YouTube