Video: Kat Polar – Live Stream

An episode of Éclat Isolation Sessions, a live stream series featuring female* / trans / non-binary electronic music producers.

Kat Polar (live) on Éclat Isolation Sessions:
Directed, shot, and edited by Ray Wassef
Produced by Ivy Rossiter (Éclat Crew)

Éclat Crew is a collective of electronic music makers, based in Berlin. Off the back of my own live stream series Shenanz TV, I was asked to direct, shoot and stream a series of live musical performances by artists in their collective, with support from MusicBoard Berlin. Each one-hour live set took place in a location of the artist’s choosing (bedroom studio, attic, co-working space, etc). I composed and lit each single-take tableau to best showcase each act and their creative space.


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