Video: Spherical Aberration – Live Stream

An episode of Éclat Isolation Sessions, a live stream series featuring female* / trans / non-binary electronic music producers.

Spherical Aberration – live at Éclat Isolation Sessions:
Directed, shot, and streamed by Ray Wassef
Visuals by Ioana (Spherical Aberration)
Produced by Ivy Rossiter (Éclat Crew)

Éclat Crew is a collective of female* / trans / non-binary electronic music producers, based in Berlin. Off the back of my own live stream series Shenanz TV, I was asked to capture a series of live musical performances for Éclat Isolation Sessions. Each one-hour live set took place in a location of the artist’s choosing (bedroom studio, attic, co-working space, etc). I composed and lit each single-take tableau to best showcase each act and their creative environment.


Ioana (aka Spherical Aberration) produces both the music and visuals for her live performance. Her own projector turned out to be not super bright, so I created as low-key a lighting design as I could (in red, her favourite colour) to first present the artist in her space, and to ultimately draw the viewer’s eye her dynamic visuals, without overpowering them:


Éclat Crew Berlin’s founder, Ivy Rossiter, also asked me to create a series of promo videos for Facebook and Instagram – a trailer for the entire series, and spots for the individual artists:

All trailers (playlist):

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