Video: Éclat IsoSessions | Trailer Series

Promotional assets for a series of performances by female* / trans / non-binary electronic music producers in Berlin.

All these videos are designed for use primarily in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: so each is loopable, as well as composed to fit dimensions and requirements across targeted social media platforms.

Working With Established Branding

First, here are some examples of Éclat Crew’s established visual style, created by founder Ivy Rossier:

Series Teaser Trailer

I combined the established branding aesthetic of Éclat Crew Berlin (including music by founder and curator Yvois) with video footage I shot at an Éclat live event in pre-pandemic times. The trailer, like the series concept, seeks to evoke echoes of clubs and parties through the audio and visual ephemera found in those spaces we are no longer able to access or experience together in person:

Individual Episode Trailers

As the performances are to be live streamed, the only “preview” material provided to me was a still image and audio from each artist. Each individual trailer incorporates the aesthetics of the teaser trailer to make the trailers look consistent, stylistically:

Trailers created by Ray Wassef
Typography and branding by Ivy Rossiter

Full Episodes

I also directed, captured and streamed all full-length episodes in the series – more about those here:

Stream full episodes of Éclat IsoSessions here.