Video: Modeselektor X Ableton

Promo teaser for the ‘Extended Sounds’ pack for Ableton Live.

Extended Sounds by Modeselektor
Directed and edited by Ray Wassef
Stills photography by Felix Zoeph
Music by Modeselektor
Produced by Christian Schwanz and Michael Kirchberger


My first assignment at Ableton was to create a promo video for their sound pack collaboration with electronic music production duo, Modeselektor. With only a couple of weeks turnaround time, few readily available assets, and no capacity to shoot new footage, I created this teaser for the ‘Extended Sounds’ sound pack using still images, screen recordings, typography, and music:

Extended Sounds by Modeselektor - sample waveform

Beginning with limited resources, I researched the sound pack’s components, sourced photographs of elements that went into its creation, and even re-created the band’s demo track to generate visuals which would highlight the sound pack’s features:

To reflect the collaborative nature of the sound pack, the video incorporates elements of Modeselektor’s visual branding into Ableton’s promo video style:

Ableton promo video – style guide

I sourced generic stock images of the music gear sampled in the pack. After a rough video edit was forwarded to Modeselektor, their engineer Felix responded with photos which matched my pristine gear images with shots of the duo’s actual, battle-scarred gear:

Final Video: