The equipment I own and use, depending on the project.


My Two Camera Studio Setup on

For capturing live music performances, music videos, or narrative work, in a controlled space, this is my more extended, but still one-person-crew, shooting package.

Videos I’ve created with this kit:

My Run-and-Gun Setup on

My most basic, mobile, low-profile kit for shooting around town.

Videos I’ve created with this kit:


My Electronic Music Setup on

I have a versatile range of electronic music setups for DJing or performing live as Ori Moto.

Music i’ve made with this kit:

Making Video & Music

My one-minute video showreel contains work across a range of roles: director, camera, editor, motion graphics, storyboarding, photography and music.

Contact Me

For video work or design educator services:
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ray . wassef [at] gmail . com