Video / Photo: Hold Onto Me

A short narrative music video I made for The Ray Mann Three as part of The Sketches Project. The video was informed by audience responses to the question: “What are you looking for?”

Video directed, shot, edited and coloured by Ray Wassef
Starring: Daniela Rastlos
With: Michael Leyton, Terusha Hotta, Julian Nagano, Yaknel Elorza, Rute Olivenbaum, and Cinnamon Nippard


Call to Action for audience input:

Mood Video:

Visual References – I took inspiration from photographer and director Anton Corbijn’s film, The American (2010):

Stills – this video developed into the most ambitious and complicated yet of The Sketches Project. Production ran longer than the one-video-per-month schedule of the series, and yet my entire production crew was still only me, alone. So to maintain audience engagement in the meantime, I took further inspiration from Corbijn and, as he had done during production of The American, posted production stills on my band website:

Version 3.0the final video:

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