Video: Hyper-Real by Comakid

Motion Design promo for a hyper-pop-inspired sound pack.

Hyper-Real by Comakid
Video by Ray Wassef
Music by Comakid
Produced by Malva-luma Brage and Jonas Palzer


Designed for music-makers with the glitchy aesthetics of “hyper-pop and contemporary reality”, the soundtrack showcasing this creative pack demanded kinetic visuals inspired by music and lyric videos from the genre:

Additionally, I was asked to include visuals of software user interface, as well as ASCII code art from pack creator Comakid – so in keeping with the genre’s aesthetic, I incorporated the UI shots as malfunctioning glimpses, and the ASCII art as glitchy easter eggs:

I also wanted to incorporate the colour scheme of the pack artwork:

Hyper-Real by Comakid artwork

The final video’s abstract visuals are a mixture of elements which become more unwieldy as the video progresses (the best part: getting to break so many “good design” rules):

  • Warping textures (generated in After Effects) and effects (my first time exploring DaVinci Resolve’s effects – so much fun):
  • Third-party stock images (to represent the samples and references):
  • User Interface screen recordings and stills (chopped and screwed in DaVinci Resolve):
  • and Futura typography:

The final video: