Video: Keep It Wild

Guerrilla music video for independent punk-pop project, Thee Nathaniel Fregoso And The Bountiful Hearts.

Thee Nathaniel Fregoso & the Bountiful Hearts – ‘Keep It Wild’
Video by Ray Wassef

Story by Nathaniel Fregoso and Ray Wassef
Produced and Performed by Nathaniel Fregoso

Process (click to enlarge)

Nathaniel’s schedule as the working father of a newborn gave us little time to make the video – so brainstorming and planning had to substitute for test shoots and reshoots. So the footage we captured isn’t always pristine – but fortunately, this is in line with the lo-fi, grainy, rough-and-ready textures of our references.

Milanote vs sketchbook. Conversations about character, references, and themes…

… plus a little music video math…

… went into ordering things ahead of our cross-city chaos:

Nathaniel Fregoso | 'Keep It Wild' | Behind-the-Scenes
On walks with his newborn, Nathaniel scouted locations


The outtakes of our character work were repurposed as social media teasers:

Final Video: