Video: Ma Belle Fille

One-man multi-cam music performance video for Saturno 4000.

Saturno 4000 – ‘Ma Belle Fille’
Produced by Saturno 4000 and Ray Wassef
Title Design by Dirty Paw
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Ray Wassef


A Making-Of Vlog (9 mins)

Julia needed a video of her band, Saturno 4000 – it didn’t need to be a live concert video, but more a showcase to share with bookers to get the band more gigs. Within time and resource limitations, I decided on a single-day, multi-camera shoot.

This was my first time running four cameras, and as a single operator to boot. One camera for each musician, one afternoon to get all the coverage, under a blanket of fast-moving clouds (so: exposure and continuity chaos), and in between intermittent bursts of light rain. Berlin “summer”. Game on, game off.

The idea: rather than have the musicians perform on stage or in a venue and facing an audience, to have them outside and in the round, facing eachother. So less like a lineup, as they would be on stage…

The Usual Suspects (1995)

… and more in the round, like a scene of people sitting around a table:

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Group dialogue coverage can get complicated very quickly – so to help myself make sense of it, I treated the scene as if it were two sets of dialogue:

Dialogue one:

Dialogue two:

The challenge: to position the four cameras so that they could capture the desired compositions, but not “see” eachother.

To my surprise, I found this to be just as challenging in the wide shots…

… as in the medium and close-up shots:

Final Video