Video: Made in Ableton Live

My step-by-step guide to preparing an electronic music live performance, produced for Ableton.

Made in Ableton Live: Ori moto (excerpt)


‘Made in Live’ is a video series from Ableton. In each episode, an artist is invited to demonstrate how they use Ableton’s audio software, Live, to create and/or perform. When i was asked what I’d like to do for my episode, I turned to viewer comments on previous episodes to get an idea of what folks might want to see covered, and to my music-making friends for their opinions of what in my projects and process might be most interesting to others. The result is my offering to a less-often-addressed part of the community: those who want to get started performing live with, well, Live.

This episode brings together my experience as both a musician and an educator. It features a track I originally produced for my live band, The Ray Mann Three, which I then reworked for performance as my electronic project, Ori Moto. Beginning at the end, with the live performance outcome, I then talk through the process, tools, and ultimately the thinking which leads to that end (or beginning) – and, hopefully, encouraging others to begin too.

Final Video

Made in Ableton Live: Ori Moto
Directed and Edited by Michael Kirchberger
Produced by Jesse Abayomi
Scripted and Performed by Ray Wassef