Video: Made in Ableton Live: Beatrice

In the studio with a music producer sharing her creative techniques.

Short Preview Video

Made in Ableton Live: Beatrice (short preview)

My first entirely self-produced (as director, camera, and editor) episode of Ableton‘s video series, Made in Live, features Australian composer, producer, vocalist, and Beatrice. Despite being “not a professional singer”, Bea’s music often features her own voice extensively. In this video, she walks us through a range of production techniques she uses to create melodies, textures, and movement in her compositions.

We developed the episode concept together while on opposite sides of the world (she in Melbourne, I in Berlin), so that we could shoot within one day during my visit to Australia. Beatrice even took me virtual location scouting, which was crucial for me planning the exact camera and lighting package prior to flying over (with invaluable support from Ableton’s local manager, Aroha):

The shoot itself was then followed by several months of back-and-forth, with Beatrice refining her demonstrations in the screen recording sections, and me editing the increasingly-broadening footage together into what would hopefully feel brisk and seamless to the viewer.

Final Video

My aim was to showcase Beatrice’s creativity and effusive presenting style, and together we hoped to empower other artists to create their own unique sounds:

Made in Ableton Live: Beatrice (full episode)

Made in Ableton Live: Beatrice
Featured Artist: Beatrice Lewis
Producer, director, camera, and editor: Ray Wassef
Executive producer, sound recordist, and production assistant: Aroha Harawira
Executive producer, additional sound editor: Michael Kirchberger
Series producers: Jesse Abayomi and Michael Kirchberger