Video: Nostalgique

Motion Design promo for an early ’90s-inspired synthesizer sound pack.

Nostalgique by Puremagnetik
Video by Ray Wassef
Music by Malva-luma Brage and Brendan Gregoriy
Original copy by Jeremy Cohen
Produced by Malva-luma Brage and Brendan Gregoriy


“Nostalgique is a collection of multi-sampled presets and Drum Racks taken from several classic pieces of Ensoniq equipment… Unfortunately Ensoniq doesn’t exist any more, but thankfully we have the legacy of their creations to remember them by.”

My task: to create a one-minute video which both evokes the aesthetic, and introduces the modern recreation, of this old-tech-meets-new collection of tools for music creation.

Visual Research

Guided by the colour palette of the final sound pack, I collected examples of aesthetics, from both the synthesizers specifically and the era more generally:

My main video inspiration was blank vhs covers were kinda beautiful by 4096:

Recreating and Animating

Against a subtle background texture taken from images of the original synthesizers, I imagined how the logo designs might draw themselves into existence (the first image in each row is of each original Ensoniq device):

Additional recreations

With so much to draw from (literally), more design elements made their way into the final video:

Before the video became overtaken by Ensoniq imagery, the producers steered me back toward including features from the modern sound pack:

Final video