Video: Ori Moto – Motion Portraits

Experimental music video release series.

During lockdown, some people taught themselves to make bread. I taught myself to light with colour.

Unable to play gigs, and after the novelty of live streaming my music wore thin, I looked for new ways to explore my video and musical experiments – possibly even together.

The result: series of “mini music videos”, or 15-second audiovisual loops. These combine motion portraits i shoot with a cast of collaborators, and snippets of music i produce my electronic project, Ori Moto.

Each 15-second loop is posted as an Instagram Reel on my Ori Moto channel, a format which showcases short-form, looping video content – and which, in part, inspired this series.

Part video production exercise; part music release strategy; part personal expression; part social media experiment. Watch more on Ori Moto Instagram.