Video: Ableton Push: Made to Evolve

Transforming genre through editing.

Mere days before release, with the brief evolving in real time, I was tasked with creating a two-minute product movie from a 20-minute documentary.

The full-length original by Ralf Kleinermanns (who had unfortunately fallen ill) delved deep into the processes and people behind the development of Ableton’s flagship musical instrument, Push. My task was to repurpose documentary-style footage into a short promotional movie – essentially, to transform the movie’s genre entirely through editing. This edit, which I produced in dialogue with Ableton’s UX, UI, and marketing teams, was created for inclusion on the product web page:

Ableton Push: Made to Evolve
Edited by Ray Wassef

Original footage by Ralf Kleinermanns and Michael Kirchberger
Executive Produced by David Reid