Video: Shenanz TV – Live Stream Series

Weekly show featuring Berlin producers sharing their original beats, streamed from our rooms to yours.

My monthly event Shenanz, in which I host beat-makers at a Berlin underground nightclub, was among the many that were cancelled when lockdown began in March 2020. So I moved the event online: Shenanz TV became a weekly one-hour show, a performance platform for my own electronic music project, Ori Moto, across multiple platforms.

All video production, original music, streaming and social media by Raymond Wassef.

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Stories and posts. Pre-episode teaser trailers, and post-episode clips:


Full-length livestream video, promo and teaser tweets:

Virtual Guests & Distance Directing

Hosting guest music-makers remotely poses unique challenges, which require creative solutions. These are often creators who have never streamed or even shot themselves before, working with limited resources, and being directed by me via Whatsapp and email:

Produced, remotely directed, and edited by Ray Wassef
Ori Moto episodes shot by Ray Wassef
Guest episodes shot by guests

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