Video Showreel

I’m a one-man audiovisual production house: director, camera, editor, motion design, music – as you’ll see in my one-minute video showreel.

I’m Ray. I make and teach video and music. I’m originally from Sydney, and based in Berlin. Check me outGet in touch.

This showreel contains excerpts of projects found on this website:

Hold Onto Me – Music Video
Bleeding – Music Video
Hook Me Up – Music Video
Chafia Brooks x Ray Mann – Photo / Video Project
Higher Love – Music Video
Wannado – Music Video
Closer – Music Video
Babylon – Music Video
If You Wanna – Music Video
Night of the Nihilist – Music Video
Sometimes – Music Video
Opa Opa – Music Video
Alex RappStreamed Video
Joa LunaStreamed Video
Shenanz TVLive Stream Series
uonStreamed Video
Lazy RosarioStreamed Video
Shenanz TVLive Stream Series
PartefactsStreamed Video
Workshops – in design, video and audio software
Title card background: So Long, Farewell – Music Video

Music by my electronic project, Ori Moto

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