Video: Introducing ‘Sketches’

The AU Review asked me to produce an exclusive video series for their site, introducing the music videos I was creating for The Ray Mann Three as part of The Sketches Project.

The Ray Mann Three | Sketches
The Ray Mann Three | Sketches (album art)

My visual album release Sketches was an online audience collaboration, which saw me produce a song and music video each month over the span of a year. During the project, I was asked to create video introductions to three of the instalments:

Directed, shot, edited and coloured by Ray Wassef
Audio recording by Cinnamon Nippard

The Sketches Project

In total, The Sketches Project produced nine music videos, a full-length studio album, an audience-collaboration remix album, and weekly updates and calls-to-action via email newsletters, social media and comments on the official website.

Each music video in The Sketches Project has its own unique making of story, which are all collected here. The playlist below contains only the final music video outcomes: