Video / Audio: Smarties: Project Blue

The Smarties: 8 Colours Of Fun campaign paired 8 artists with 8 kids, each with one of the 8 colours of Smarties, to collaborate and create a piece of art celebrating their given colour. Each artist represented a different discipline (photography, dance, sculpture etc). I was featured as “the musician” – and my pint-sized co-star completely stole the show.

The Smarties: 8 Colours Of Fun series documented the various processes of collaboration and presented the final products over 8 webisodes. The episode I featured in, Project Blue, was the first released in the series. The positive response to the Project Blue video prompted subsequent online video releases from Smarties®, including an outtakes reel of my co-star Jonathan (what a little character!) and a music video (which I did not make) for the song I created during the Project.

Client: JWT Sydney / Curious Film / Smarties Australia
Brief: create music and collaborate onscreen for online ad campaign

1. The original webisode

2. JWT’s film about their series

3. By popular demand: more of the kid.

4. The full song (music by me, video created by JWT Sydney)