Video: Surry Hills – Live Stream

Live concert co-stream – featuring me both behind and in front of the camera.

I was invited to capture a live acoustic concert of my own music, from my bedroom in Berlin, for an episode of online series Surry Hills Live, which streams from Sydney.

Watch (my side of) the full live concert here:

My roles:

  1. one-man video production crew
  2. musical performer (as my singer/songwriter project, Ray Mann)
  3. live streamer (from my end)
  4. co-ordinating from Berlin with the producers in Sydney to deliver a segment with the requisite technical quality and production value for use in their show

Behind the Scenes

A quick look at how I created and captured my live stream concert, with limited resources and creative problem-solving:

Full Episode

Here’s the full episode of Surry Hills Live in Sydney, which was streamed live on Facebook on April 9th, 2020. My part begins around the 1hr 24min mark:


Afterwards, I was sent this photo from a viewer who’d tuned in to the livestream from perhaps the ultimate self-quarantine location…

Ray Mann | Surry Hills Live
Ray Mann | Surry Hills Live