Video: Tutorial – Push Upgrade Kit

Instructional video guide for modifying Ableton’s musical instrument

Short Preview (0:34)

Push Upgrade Kit Tutorial (Short Preview 0:34)

Push Upgrade Kit Tutorial Video
Directed, Shot, Edited, and Produced by Ray Wassef
Developed, Scripted, Storyboarded, and Performed by Barbara Bencze
Conceived by Angelica Tavella
Voiceover by Tina Marie Serra
Music by Ray Wassef


Version 1.0 – the project was originally conceived and driven by hardware project manager Angelica Tavella. Together we created this demo tutorial video for user testing, and the data collected was then used to inform and refine the next, final version:

Version 2.0 – in the intervening months, the project changed hands. Senior user researcher Barbara Bencze stepped in, and poured her detailed research into the creation of her first-ever storyboards. I only gave her a crash course in video pre-production – her eye for visual communication is all her own:

Final tutorial video (10:44)

The video promises that the process is “easy enough… even if you have no experience”. I aimed to help create this feeling audiovisually: through relaxing music, soft but clear lighting, and editing which shows enough information to follow, but not so much that the experience becomes daunting or boring. A key decision: the soothing, reassuring voiceover, instead of captions or on-screen text, to convey the large amount of information without overwhelming the viewer, is provided by Tina Marie Serra:

Upgrade Kit Tutorial Video (10:44)

Bonus: from the final edit, I also created short loopable video clips for the step-by-step guide, which accompanies the tutorial video on the product webpage (implemented by Giacomo Vergano):