In addition to my work as a graphic artist, musician and design educator, I also blog regularly (for others as well as myself). Here are some writing samples:

Medium: Okay 'Serial', I'm Out Okay ‘Serial’, I’m Out
“The manipulative choices of the ‘journalistic’ podcast series”Read more
Blog: Why Berlin? Why Berlin?
“Berlin will not ‘make’ you; it can distract and even destroy you. But in between is a laboratory for creativity that can be as rough as it can be coddling…”Read more
My Top 8 Soundtracks Top 8 Movie Soundtracks In My Life
“The stuff I actually enjoyed – the embarrassing stuff – is what makes doing something like this fun…”Read more
Review: D'angelo live Live Music Review: D’angelo @ Le Zénith, Paris
“By the time the refrain ‘from your lips to your hips’ is imprinted on your brain, it begins sounding less like D is talking about an object of his desire, and more about himself as the object…”Read more
Blog: Why There's No 'Just' In 'Just Go For It' Why There’s No ‘Just’ In ‘Just Go For It’
“To go from performing to thousands in Australia and Japan, to playing to a handful of semi-interested barflies at your local, is… humbling.”Read more


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