I write educational resources and pop culture reviews – and I can help you find the best way to say what you want to express.

Some examples of my writing:

Film School: ‘The Plan’ Montage in Shaun of the Dead
“A case study in thrilling, visual storytelling…”

Movie Review: Love Actually
“Toxic messaging, wrapped in sloppy film-making, served by an all-star cast that makes this malignant mess only seem like harmless entertainment. So why is this so beloved?”

Music Review: KLF – ‘3am Eternal’
“The magic and power a song can have for you even when it makes no sense …”

Live Music Review: Good Vibrations Festival, Sydney
“Is it possible for an artist to convey their art in a festival setting, or do munters just wanna have fun?”

Live Music Review: D’angelo Live in Paris
D’s guitar rig was then whisked away by his ballboy-speedy stage crew, leaving D free to strut a little – but not too much – like the days of old.”